• According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, car accidents are the leading cause of death of children aged 12 and under. It is extremely important that children are properly restrained in an appropriate safety seat every single time they get in the car. Knowing which seat is the right one, and how to use it properly, is not always easy, however. Here are some tips on picking and using a safety seat for your child.

    • Read the Manufacturer’s Recommendations

      When you are looking at child safety seats at the store or online, look at the height and weight recommendations. They will give a minimum and maximum height as well as a minimum and maximum weight for the seat. As general rule, it is wise to keep your child in the seat that provides the most protection for as long as possible. However, if your child gets to be too tall or too heavy for the seat that they are in, their safety may be compromised,and it is time for a different seat.

    • Check Your Vehicle Owner’s Manual for Installation

      Your car or truck’s owner’s manual gives the location and proper use of anchor points and how to lock seat belts. A child safety seat can be safely installed using anchors and tether OR seat belt, but each vehicle is different. Make sure that you know exactly how to safely install the child safety seat in your vehicle.

    • Your Children Should Always Sit in the Back Seat

      Even after your child is too big for a booster seat, he or she is still safest in the back seat. At least until the age of 12, it is a good idea to have your child ride in the back. They should sit in a booster seat until they are big enough for the seat belt to sit across the thighs and chest without the booster. Even then, however, your child is still safer in the back seat.

    Contact the experienced Denver auto accident attorneys at the Gold Law Firm today if your child has been injured in a car accident. Unfortunately, child safety seats can only do so much to protect our children, and when an accident is caused by the negligence of another driver, your child may be injured even if he or she is properly restrained. The dedicated, compassionate Denver auto accident attorneys at the Gold Law Firm work hard to recover the maximum possible compensation for every client. If your child has been injured by the negligence of someone else, you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost time at work to care for the child, and pain and suffering. For more information and a FREE CASE EVALUATION, contact the Gold Law Firm today at (303)694-4653.

  • An accident in which a car crashed into a mobile home resulted in the death of a teenage boy, according to 9 News. Four teenagers were riding in a car near the Fitzsimmons campus in Aurora, and the driver was practicing J-turns, in which the vehicle turns quickly to face the opposite direction with the help of the emergency brake. The driver, a teenaged girl, apparently lost control of the vehicle, and crashed into a home at the Denver Meadows RV Park. There is no report of anyone injured inside the home, but one passenger, a middle school student, was killed. The names of the kids in the car are not being released, because they were all minors.

    Have you lost a loved one in a car accident because of someone else’s negligence? Contact an experienced Colorado wrongful death attorney to talk about your rights and options.

    Every year, several hundred Coloradans die in auto accidents, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. While this number is not huge, it is far too many for the families who lose loved ones, particularly if the fatality was caused by another driver’s negligence. If your loss was caused by the careless behavior of someone else, you may be entitled to recover compensation for loss of support and loss of benefits as well as loss of companionship. In some cases, a wrongful death claim may be the only way to ensure that the negligent party is held responsible for their actions. Colorado wrongful death law is complicated and often misunderstood. Speak with a Denver wrongful death lawyer today to make sure you understand your options.

    Contact a dedicated Colorado wrongful death attorney immediately to protect your rights and discuss your options if you have lost a loved one because of the negligence of someone else. The civil justice system exists to hold responsible those whose actions cause harm or financial damage to others. In some cases, the action may be a crime punishable under the criminal justice system as well. However, the criminal justice system does not typically provide assistance to the families and individuals who have been harmed. By filing a claim in civil court, an experienced Colorado wrongful death lawyer can fight to provide justice for your family after the reckless behavior of someone else. For more information, speak with a personal injury lawyer in your area today.

  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provide an excellent source of information on a significant problem across the United States: drunk driving. Data from the CDC shows that about 1/3 of all people killed in motor vehicle accidents nationwide die in drunk driving accidents. With over 10,000 drunk driving fatalities every year, that is roughly 30 people every day on average. Perhaps the worst part of this sad statistic is that over 200 of these people, in 2010, were children aged 14 or under. Many of these children were riding in the car with the drunk driver. Over a million people are arrested for DUI each year, but based on self-reporting in polls, this is a tiny fraction of the people who actually drive drunk, which the CDC estimates at 112 million instances of drunk driving every year. That is well over 300,000 instances of drunk driving every single day.

    If your family has been hurt by a drunk driver, contact a dedicated Denver drunk driving accident attorney immediately to protect your rights.

    Everyone in the United states who is legally old enough to drive should know that driving drunk is dangerous. Everyone should know that driving while “buzzed” is still drunk driving. Most people will tell anyone who asks that drunk driving is wrong, and yet 300,000 times per day, someone gets behind the wheel after drinking too much. As a result, the drunk driving criminal charges are very severe. In many cases, these may be people who think they can “handle their liquor.” But regardless, research shows that even relatively small amounts of alcohol make driving extremely dangerous, not just to the driver, but to others as well. Most people have seen news reports about drunk drivers driving into buildings, or knocking down power lines, or other unpredictable results that create danger for many people.

    If you or a loved one have been seriously injured in a drunk driving accident, contact a dedicated Denver drunk driving accident attorney today. While the drunk driver may face criminal charges in Denver, that does not help you pay for the medical bills, property damage, funeral expense, or lost wages that the drunk driver may cause. No one should face financial ruin on top of physical injury or worse because of the negligence of one person who decided to get behind the wheel after drinking. For more information, contact a personal injury attorney in your area today.

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