• A three car collision in Lakewood was apparently caused by one driver running a red light, according to CBS Denver. Witnesses say that an SUV ran the red light at Colfax and Pierce, crashing into another vehicle in the intersection. The second vehicle rolled, crashing into yet another car. The vehicle that rolled was driven by a young woman who lost consciousness. A witness saw that her head was in between the frame of her car and the ground, and ran over to help. She held the driver’s head out of danger while others tried to prevent the vehicle from rolling farther. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured in what could easily have been a tragic accident.

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    Each year, there are over 5 million car accidents in the United States, according to data provided by the Department of Transportation. Most of those accidents are exactly that: accidents. In fact, most of them result in property damage only with no injuries. However, there are still more than one million auto accidents each year in which one or more person is injured, and at least 30,000 fatal crashes. In some of these fatal crashes, a negligent driver will actually face criminal charges in Colorado. However, criminal charges will not help a family in their struggle with massive medical bills on top of lost wages that these accidents can cause.

    Speak with an experienced Denver car accident lawyer today to discuss your options if you have been injured by another driver’s negligent or reckless actions. Every driver has an obligation to observe traffic laws, basic safety guidelines, and common sense while driving. When one person’s carelessness causes injury or death to someone else, a Colorado personal injury lawyer may be able to help protect your rights. You may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Don’t face these issues alone. For more information, speak with a dedicated Denver personal injury lawyer today.


    Interstate 70 had to be closed down for several hours following a fatal crash in Glenwood Canyon, according to CBS Denver. In a section of the highway that was reduced to one lane in each direction with no median because of road construction, a car crossed the center line and crashed head-on into an oncoming semi truck. The woman driving the car was killed, and her three passengers, a man, a woman, and a child, were taken to Vail Valley Medical Center. The child was subsequently airlifted to Denver. The truck driver suffered minor injuries, and did not go to the hospital. The road was closed for several hours, in part because about 100 gallons of fuel from the semi leaked onto the roadway.

    Have you been seriously injured in an auto accident? Speak with a dedicated Denver auto accident attorney today to discuss your options.

    The nature of the injuries to the passengers in this incident was not released. However, it is common in accidents like this for people to receive very serious injuries such as injury to the spinal cord. An injury to the spinal cord can result in permanent disability, and the need for ongoing medical care for the rest of the victim’s life. The medical bills will mount very quickly, and the insurance company that is responsible may try to avoid paying them. Insurance companies operate to make a profit, but when that profit comes by violating the policy that the company sold, and the consumer paid for, this is known as bad faith. There is nothing wrong with an insurance company making a profit, but if your insurance company is operating in bad faith, you may be able to take action.

    Speak with an experienced Greeley insurance bad faith lawyer today to discuss your options if your the insurance company is refusing to handle your medical bills after an accident. Sometimes, a letter or a few phone calls from an experienced Denver insurance dispute attorney may be enough to make the insurance company do the right thing. In other cases, it may be necessary to litigate. Many Colorado insurance dispute lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, which means that they collect a fee only after they successfully recover financial compensation for their client. Don’t suffer financial hardship on top of physical disability because of an insurance company’s bad faith practices. For more information, speak with an experienced Denver personal injury attorney today.


    An elderly woman was killed while crossing the street in fort Collins, according to 9 News. The 80year-old woman had run out of gas, and did not have her cell phone with her. She was crossing College Ave. to a bar which appeared to be the only business open at the time, presumably to use the phone. While crossing the street, she was hit by a car whose driver police believe was drunk at the time. As she lay in the street, she was actually hit by two more cars. One driver stopped to check on her and called 911, the other driver fled. The driver who first hit her faces Class 3 felony charges of drunken vehicular homicide.

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    22 people were killed in traffic accidents in Larimer County in 2011, according to the National Traffic Highway Safety Administration. That is 22 families forced to deal with the unexpected loss of a loved one just because of a car accident. While it is impossible to know the circumstances of every one of those accidents, it is safe to say that some of them, possibly most of them, were avoidable. Statistically speaking, it is likely that about 1/3 of them involved a drunk driver.

    As serious a problem as drunk driving is, it is always important to remember that every person charged with a crime, including drunk driving, is entitled to be represented by a Denver criminal defense attorney. Each year hundreds of thousands of people are accused of driving under the influence across the country. A Greeley DUI lawyer can be sure that your rights are protected if you are in this situation.

    At the same time, the families that are torn apart by drunk drivers are often faced with financial hardship on top of their emotional trauma. In addition to medical bills incurred trying to save the victim’s life, in some cases that person was the family’s primary source of income, taken away by someone decision to get behind the wheel after drinking too much. Speak with a dedicated Denver drunk driving accident lawyer today to discuss your options if you have lost a family member in a tragic drunk driving accident.