• A young woman from Evergreen was killed in a car crash in Iowa on Saturday night, according to the Denver Post. The 18-year-old student at Cornell College in Mount Vernon, IA died after a 68-year-old man driving the opposite direction crossed the center line and struck her car head-on. Both drivers were killed in the crash. Cornell, a very small liberal arts college, held a gathering in her honor for residents of her dorm, and another larger one for the school community as a whole. The college president also issued a statement about the loss to the institution.

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    The news article did not discuss the reason for the older man crossing the center line, and there are many reasons why this might happen. As tragic as this accident is, when a driver crosses the center line, these crashes are usually preventable. While the cause is sometimes an outside obstacle such as wildlife in the road, it is often drugs or alcohol, fatigue, distraction, or some other negligent behavior. When the irresponsible actions of one driver cause serious injury or death to someone else, that person, or in some cases, their family, may be liable for the damages sustained.

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