• A 54-year-old motorcyclist was killed in a traffic accident in Brighton, according to the Denver Post. A 21-year-old man driving an SUV pulled in front of the motorcycle while making a turn at the intersection of East Bridge Street and South 22nd Avenue. Police are still investigating the cause of the accident, but do not believe that drugs or alcohol were involved. The motorcyclist’s name was not released, because his family had not yet been notified of the crash.

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    According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 4,000 motorcyclists die in traffic accidents each year in the United States. What makes this number particularly disturbing, is that motorcyclists represent more than one eight of all traffic fatalities, even though they represent much less than one eighth of total vehicle miles driven. This means that, statistically, a motorcyclist is more likely to be the victim of a fatal accident than the driver of a car or truck. There are quite a few reasons why this might be the case. The most notable is probably the fact that a motorcyclist is much less effectively protected by his or her vehicle than someone riding in a car. Of course, there are ways to maximize the safety of a motorcycle, including participating in rider training programs, always practicing safe riding habits, and wearing riding leathers and helmet. That said, it is also good to understand that in several states, including Colorado, riders over the age of 18 are not required to wear a helmet.

    Contact a dedicated Denver motorcycle accident attorney immediately today if you or a loved one have been injured in a motorcycle accident. The fact is that injuries in motorcycle accidents tend to be very severe. With the lack of inherent protection, there is nothing to absorb the impact of a collision. Brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and serious broken bone injuries often result in extensive hospital stays, ongoing medical care, and lost quality of life. These injuries become not only expensive, but they can have a serious impact on the emotional well-being of the victim and his or her family. If this difficulty has been brought on by the negligent or careless actions of another driver, you may be entitled to collect compensation for medical bills, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering. For more information, contact a Denver motorcycle accident attorney today.

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