• According to the Gazette a California woman suffered fatal injuries after being involved in a car accident. The woman crashed at county road 123 and County road 67. The woman was driving a minivan and after stopping at a stop sign designated intersection pulled in front of a Dodge Ram. The Californian was struck on the driver side of her vehicle and was airlifted to a Colorado Springs hospital. She died at the hospital due to her extensive injuries.

    Have you lost a loved one to a car accident, contact a personal injury lawyer today to find out if your loss means you have a case. Visit www.autoaccidentdenverlawyer.com to find out more information about what to do after a car accident.

    What are the statistics on car accidents?

    Every year there are millions of car accidents. The likelihood that you or a loved one will be involved in an accident is high. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that 28% of all the crashes result in serious injuries. Serious injuries can occur in a car accident for many reasons, but it is important to remember that many injuries can have life altering effects. Many times an injury is not made apparent until time has lapsed from the accident. Common types of injuries are:

    • neck injuries
    • head injuries
    • broken bones
    • bruising

    This is not an exhaustive list of injuries that can occur from a car accident but they are the most common. Many times an injury in an accident does not become apparent until after your bodies adrenaline levels have gone down. Many people brace before an accident and can become very sore the next day as a result of your body trying to retrain the force of a hit. Other times injuries are extensive.

    When to seek out a personal injury attorney for your car accident

    Have you suffered a life threatening injury from a car accident caused by another drivers negligence? By exploring www.coloradospersonalinjurylawyer.com you can find out ways to receive financial compensation for the injuries you have incurred and options you have. It is important to hold a negligent driver responsible for their actions. By making the insurance companies pay for damages it is the first step to gaining justice after your accident, but holding the driver responsible is the next step. When a drivers negligent behavior resulted in an accident that compromised your health, it is important that the driver responsible is held accountable. One way of the simplest ways to do that is by contacting an attorney. A car accident can have life changing results.

    More statistics on car accidents

    There are multiple reasons and causes that car accidents are so common. When the causes are broken up there is a clear reason why drivers are held accountable for most accidents.Driver error accounts for more that 50% of accidents. This reiterates why it is so important to hold a negligent driver responsible for their behavior that caused you serious injury. But what happens if that drivers insurance company denies having to pay for damages?

    Who do I contact when my insurance claim has been denied?

    If you are having trouble with insurance companies agreeing to pay for the damages of your accident it is important you stand up against them. After a serious auto accident it can be very hard to deal with the medical bills and debt. The good news is, you are not alone. Every year many people are struggling with insurance companies trying to get the medical care and compensation they deserve, and insurance companies deny having the responsibility to pay. Don’t fight an insurance company on your own. Learn about bad faith insurance companies at Fuicelli&Lee.com/inusrance-disputes. Finding a dedicated and compassionate attorney to help you fight the insurance companies can be a difference between recovering and not. Don’t let your recovery suffer because you can’t afford the care you need after your accident.

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